You earned this coffee, nap, high-five, good feeling ...

my brag book

Coming soon to an internet near you. Until then DIY your own and start off with a brag!

my brag book covers

Stop @todo'ing and just swoosh it.

How to craft your own Brag Book.

Let your phone do what it does best: nag you, bug you, buzz you, tell you ALL THE THINGS you need to do. And then turn it off. And brag a little. To you.

  1. Grab a notebook.

  2. Optional: make it extra awesome by doodling on the cover

  3. Number the top of each page, starting with 1. These are your weeks.

  4. Optional: add the dates of your weeks. I like to start on Mondays but you can start on any day of the week you'd like.

  5. Every day: write in your Brag Book—ALL THE THINGS you accomplished. Check your brag book a few hours before the end of your day, so you can slam something out if it's looking empty. Some days just taking a break can be a big win!

  6. Every week: review your accomplishments and revel in your wins.

Brag a little and GSD*

I mailed a thank you card!

I smiled at a stranger.

I actually read the book for book club.

I made a damn good cup of coffee.

I took a walk. I took the stairs.

I made it to ____ on time!

I launched the project.

I practiced the guitar.

I lasted a week off Facebook.

I made my Brag Book.